Fall Leaves Matchbox


Light up your space with color tip matchsticks! Our Fall Leaves inspired matchbox will add a spark of joy to your candle lighting decor!

■ 40 white wooden matchsticks
■ 2 inch wooden matches are for single use
■ Great to add in with any candle to create a gift package for fall


Dimensions 2.1 X 1 X 0.5 

Match safety

 Here’s the nitty gritty, we’re still dealing with fire so let’s touch on a few of those safety things you just don’t want to forget. When using a match you’ll want to remove from the vial, close the vial with cork or cap, and hold the match with your dominant hand. To light the match, swiftly strike the head of the match on the phosphorus striker on the bottom of the vial and away from your body. These fancy matches are for single use only and are not your average ‘strike anywhere’ wooden matches. We’ve already covered some of the important basics but here’s an extra important note — make sure you dispose of your matches properly after the flame has gone out. This means keep away from children and pets!